Do I have to pay customs charges?

Will there be additional customs charges?

The total cost of your purchase from MDBM includes the cost of the item and postage fees. In some cases, there may be additional duties and taxes that your post office will require in order to release your parcel. This is due upon delivery.

Customs tax is imposed on goods transported across international borders. These taxes and duties are typically not included in the price of the goods you purchase online. This is because these fees vary from country to country and are subject to governmental laws and policies. We may ship your order from any of our manufacturing bases, in which case it may be subject to customs duty. 

Not all countries require duties and taxes to be paid, though. So, it's best to know if your country imposes this.

I'm not sure if I was charged customs tax. Can you help me check?

There may be instances where you'll encounter administrative charges from your post office or courier. Common reasons include missed deliveries, storage, and handling fees for your parcel while you're unavailable to receive it.

If you are unsure of the charges you are asked to pay, feel free to send us a note with a photo of your charge receipt at and we'll be glad to clarify for you.  

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