The tracking site says “Delivered” but I haven’t received my order yet. What should I do?

In these cases, we recommend getting in touch with the courier ASAP. If your order has been marked as delivered but you haven’t received it, please follow these next steps:

  1. Search around your door for a notice of attempted delivery.
  2. Look around the delivery location.
  3. In order to protect your order from theft or weather, some delivery drivers might leave it around the bushes, in a grill, in a plastic bag, around your porch or another place where it can be protected.
  4. Make sure someone else hasn’t received your package.
  5. It’s also likely a neighbor received your order or a family member that was available in your residence.
  6. Wait 36 hours.
  7. Sometimes shipping companies mark an order as ‘Delivered’ while the package is still in transit. If after waiting this period of time and it still hasn’t turned up, please get in touch with the courier.

If all the above steps were unsuccessful, please send us a message immediately and we'll assist you further.

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