How long will my order take to be delivered and how much?

We do our best not to keep our customers waiting too long for their package to arrive. 

Once we receive your order, we would need 1-2 business days (it's usually just 1 business day, really) to work on preparing your order and packing your package. 

Our shipping fee depends on your order value. 

The table below outlines this:

95% of our items enjoy free shipping. If you bought one item that's below $65, the shipping charge that was used to send the item to you is non-refundable.

As for delivery times, it usually takes 3 - 10 business days for orders to US, UK, all of EU, AU, and NZ. 

We also have the following exceptions as to the delivery times:

On weekends or holidays, your package will be shipped out on the next business day. Business days are Monday - Friday. 

Please also note that shipping times can be affected by national holidays, adverse weather conditions, and other issues experienced by the courier that are not within our control. We are not responsible for delays and extra fees incurred due to these events. 

Sometimes for best selling items, when they get sold out very quickly we might ship directly from  our  manufacturing facilities so it may not be from our London and NY  stock points.  These items ship via Royal Mail, USPS,  FedEx  & Luxembourg Mail and all have tracking numbers.

If you have not received your order yet and you've checked it's past this shipping timeline, please check I haven't received my order yet.

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