My Credit Card was declined but I don’t have PayPal

Your issue could be just a one-off. Sometimes we get declines for no reason too. This is why our website uses 2 payment methods and both accept a wide range of credit cards.

  1. First, Click Checkout.
  2. Next, key in your address & any discount codes.
  3. Next, confirm your shipping method.
  4. You're now at Final payment screen. Here you can pay using your credit card with 2 options:
    1. enter your credit card directly on this screen and submit. It is one step.
    2. do not enter your card numbers on this final screen. Click PayPal. You don't need PayPal to pay using the PayPal option.
  5. At the PayPal site, you will have 2 options:
    1. Log in to your PayPal account
    2. Pay with your Credit or Debit Card
  6. Choose Option B and enter card details.

That's it!

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